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What We Do What We Do

We have a number of very specialized, in house robots that perform a variety of tasks. In addition to existing robots, we will gladly design a system to suit your specific needs.

Our fully automated systems provide your facility with the following:

  • Reduction or elimination of downtime and maintenance shutdowns.
  • Carrying out repairs and maintenance in hot or dangerous areas.
  • Performing tasks in areas that are not accessible by human labour.
  • Reduction of liability exposure due to safety concerns.
  • Reduction in hourly labour necessary to perform tedious or monotonous tasks.
  • Continual, 24/7 monitoring of systems and processes that would be prohibitively expensive or not feasible with human labour.

We can design a robotic system to meet your specific needs. In addition to robotic systems, we can provide your plant or process with computer vision systems that can add a level of intelligence that was not previously possible.

What We Do What We Do

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